Alone, together?

» Posted on 03 Jun 2014 •

It seems we're caught between a deep desire to connect, and a deep fear of intimacy. We reach for technology as the solution, because it offers companionship without the demands of friendship. But will it work?

Relief for parents

» Posted on 20 May 2014 •

Ever felt parenting was just too stressful to bear? Filled with anxiety you're not doing enough for your kids? Ever wondered whether wanting your children to be happy is a standard too high to reach? Then this clip might provide some wise and sane advice.

Silence is the gateway

» Posted on 23 Sep 2013 •

Begin watching this and be ware you are entering a doorway through which there are three hours of strangely compelling viewing that could change your life...the following is part one of 12. The rest are easily found on YouTube.

Television is a drug

» Posted on 14 May 2013 •

​We all know television has a powerful influence in our lives but few of us consider it in such blatant terms as this!

Listening to shame

» Posted on 15 Oct 2012 •

​In her sequel to her talk on Vulnerability, researcher Brene Brown exposes the power of shame to undermine our efforts at being wholehearted.

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